It affects almost everyone of us at some point in our lives….the sheer suffering and diminished self-esteem brought about by medical hair loss as a result of cancer treatment and conditions such as alopicia. is it any wonder that many cancer patients feel that resulting hair loss is worse than the disease itself.

Through our dedicated state-of-art New Hair Room facility at our Allandale Road salon, George’s are delivering a comprehensive service including a full consultation, wig ordering,cutting and styling, by senior stylists qualified through the MY NEW HAIR training programme. These stylists are highly experienced in this specialised area of client care, offering a professional and confidential service within a relaxing salon environment.

George’s Hairdressing also support The BOLD OVER CLUB, a support group for people suffering from hair loss, the group meets bimonthly on a Sunday at the Granby St salon, 2.00pm – 4.00pm, people can meet other people with similar conditions.

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