It affects almost everyone of us at some point in our lives….the sheer suffering and diminished self-esteem brought about by medical hair loss as a result of cancer treatment and conditions such as alopecia. is it any wonder that many cancer patients feel that resulting hair loss is worse than the disease itself.

Through our dedicated state-of-art ‘Jakki Williams Room’ facility at our Allandale Road salon, George’s are delivering a comprehensive service including a full consultation, wig ordering,cutting and styling, by senior stylists qualified through the MY NEW HAIR training programme. These stylists are highly experienced in this specialised area of client care, offering a professional and confidential service within a relaxing salon environment.

George’s Hairdressing also support The BOLD OVER CLUB, a support group for people suffering from hair loss, the group meets bimonthly on a Sunday at the Allandale Road Salon, 2.00pm – 4.00pm, people can meet other people with similar conditions.

George’s are the leading custom made specialists in the city. All of our bespoke hair systems are individually designed and are virtually undetectable to both sight and touch. We pride ourselves on high standards of these products, which are hand knotted, lightweight, cool and comfortable.
Each custom made product is designed to suit you; colour, curl, hair length and hair direction. Custom made pieces ensure you can live your life the way you want, sleep, shower and play active sports in confidence with one of our bespoke systems.



Jane Watts - Wig Consultant

With a career spanning over 30 years, this gifted consultant is charming, charismatic and creative. Jane always strives to complementing her clients face shape and skin colour, she consistently delivers the optimum client experience. Jane is highly skilled in helping people overcome their hair loss problems and is also skilled in designing, fitting and styling wigs. Jane is also trained in Hair Integration, a hair replacement solution for those with thinning hair or patchy hair loss.

Lois Allen - Creative Director

Lois completed her training with George’s hairdressing in-house programme, completing it with unprecedented speed. It wasn't long before she dedicated her own ways to the company ethos and took full charge of the apprentices education programme, mentoring and nurturing our young talent, ensuring the company’s high level of expertise continues. Lois also enjoys a vast clientele, her clients have a recognisable signature look and trademark, her busy column reflects her talent and unique skill. Lois is heavily involved in all aspects of the business and has numerous accolades and training diplomas to support that. Lois is also a keen colourist, has educated for L’Oreal professionnel and is a colour specialist. Not to mention one of our hair extension ambassadors.




Enhancers and Integrations for thinning hair
There are a wide range of integrations that you can choose from. Endless options available with varying levels of commitment and cost. There are large ranges of ready to wear hair that are off the peg or custom made integrations, allowing you to have more choice with colours lengths textures. An array of attachment methods are available from permanent to temporary, methods you can do yourself at home or more permanent methods that can be maintained in salon. Some of our clients simply use integrations so they don’t have to style their own hair, or they just want to have different hair on occasions.

Ready To Wear Wigs
We offer a large range of wigs that are ready to wear, either human hair or synthetic fibres, human hair wigs can be heat styled to your liking enabling you to change the style depending on your mood. Synthetic wigs can be very easy maintenance as no styling is needed, some types of synthetic wigs use a memory compound allowing the hair to retain the memory of the styling, fantastic for those of you that hate having to style your hair.

Ready to wear hair pieces
Ranging from ponytails, fringes, add length thickness or just to simply add colour – very easy to use and great fun offering lots of options for any type of hair desire.

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This gents wig has been transformed into a modern day haircut by Hollie wig consultant

Colouring and styling wigs for blogger, Oopsy Daisy

After losing her hair to cancer for the second time, blogger Oopsy Daisy has decided to share the process of her first head shave and her battles with cancer.
Watch her talk about her experience with wigs, which have all been donated by The Little Princess Trust and coloured and styled by the wonderful Hollie at our Allandale Road salon.