After more than three months in lockdown, then a further four weeks for Leicester, I am sure you are looking forward to the gradual easing of the restrictions that have dominated our lives since the end of March. We can finally look forward to enjoying some of the pleasure that we previously took for granted. One of those pleasures is to be able to get your hair cut, coloured or both, yayyyyyyy!!!! As we slowly move into our new ’normal’, it is increasingly clear that COVID-19 will still be part of our lives for months to come. And we know from speaking to our clients, that many of you are looking forward about coming into the salon, we will continue to prioritise safety and hygiene in our shops, with screens, sanitiser spray, visors and an increased cleaning of all areas.


Allergy Alert Test:


We know that as you have had a prolonged amount of time away from the salon and may or may not have done at-home solutions during this period of closure. Therefore it is advisable for us to bring all of our colour clients through the Health & Safety Protocol to determine if you need to have an Allergy Alert Test or not prior to your colour application. You may be asked to visit the salon prior to your appointment.


Our Appointment Line is now live but due to social distancing and reduced staffing levels we have made changes to their working hours, they are different to the salon opening times, so please be patient, the easiest way to guarantee your next appointment at your convenience is to book before you leave the salon. Booking online is also an option however you can only book for a cut and finish.


Appointment Line


Monday    8.00am –  6.00pm
Tuesday   8.00am –  6.00pm
Wednesday   8.00am –  6.00pm
Thursday   8.00am –  6.00pm
Friday   8.00am –  6.00pm
Saturday   7.30am – 12.00pm


Salon Opening Times


Monday  9.00am –  8.00pm
Tuesday  9.00am –  8.00pm
Wednesday   8.00am –  9.30pm
Thursday   8.00am –  9.30pm
Friday   8.00am –  9.30pm
Saturday   8.00am –  6.00pm
Sunday   10.00am –  4.00pm

If you need to contact the salon after the Appointment Line has closed, you can do this by emailing the salons directly,,

Any other queries we have an email address – You can look on our website – or follow us on any of our social media platforms, Instagram and Facebook.

Once we welcome you into the salon, the experience will be a little different until restrictions are fully lifted.


Feeling unwell or having a raised temperature

In order to protect everyone within the salon we are asking all staff and clients to please stay at home if you are showing any signs of being unwell. We would rather cancel an appointment than take the risk that you may have the virus that could be passed on to others.

Have you had the recent onset of a new continuous cough?

Do you have a high temperature?

Have you noticed a loss of, or change in, normal sense of taste or smell?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions you will need to notify us so we can reschedule your appointment. If you are found to have a temperature upon arrival, or to have answered yes to any of the above, we will not be able to proceed with your appointment. If you have previously tested positive for Covid 19, you must notify us at the time of booking, as research suggests that it may effect your colour, treatment or service result. We will require you to be allergy alert tested before your appointment and to bring anti-histamine with you in case of an allergic reaction, as we are unable to administer medication. We will be checking temperatures on arrival.


What to expect on your salon visit

We are working to government guidelines issued for our sector with the aim of minimising the number of people our clients and staff come into contact with for the duration of their visit. 

Please bring as few personal items or bags with you as possible as we are unable to operate a cloakroom whilst working to sector guidelines.  Whatever you bring with you must stay with you for the duration of your visit, and fit into our George’s Hairdressing hygiene bags.
Please do not bring children or other guests with you unless they are also having a service with a team member.  They will need to remain outside until their allotted appointment and leave as soon as their appointment is concluded.
Please arrive promptly at your scheduled time.

If you require a hot drink, please bring your own sports cup with you.

Your temperature will be checked on arrival.

The guidelines have changed again and we now require clients to wear face masks, this is no longer optional.

When entering the salon all clients must sanitise their hands thoroughly.
Where possible we will be respecting social distancing rules within the salon.
When possible your stylist or technician will also be doing your shampoo, with the aim of limiting the number of team members you come into direct contact with.
All team members will be wearing a visor (and a face mask if they choose) for the duration of your service.
Clients will not be able to blow dry their own hair under any circumstances until restrictions are fully lifted as we will need you to leave the building as quickly as possible after your booked service is completed.
The waiting area will not be in use and we are currently unable to offer magazines.
If you need any products on the day of your service, please ask your operator at the start of your appointment. This will allow a member of the team to collect them, sanitise, bag them and deliver them to your chair as there will be limited access to our reception area.
We are able to take cash safely.
It is possible for you to purchase your retail prescription as normal.

Temporarily we have removed our client loyalty scheme and any further discounts.


Home Visits

Unfortunately at this time we don’t offer home visits, if you do ask for our stylists to visit you at home please be reminded our insurance policy will not cover this.

If you need to contact us we have an email address – You can look on our website – or follow us on any of our social media platforms, Instagram and Facebook

Finally, as we emerge from lockdown, I want to take a moment to recognise the selfless work of the NHS and other key workers, who have done so much to keep us all safe. Also for the patience of our clients, we are aware that with the additional lockdown impacting on all 3 of our salons you may have been forced to go elsewhere.  If this has been the case, we hope your experience was a good one, but not good enough to stop you returning to us!


George’s Hairdressing