The Bob is Back!

Thinking of picking up the scissors for a new winter style? Well, we have some good news – the bob is back and we can see why! From Adele, Sienna Miller, Beyoncé and Taylor Swift, the bob is all the rage and to anyone sitting on the fence about getting one, we say be brave and embrace this super-short hairstyle! Whether it’s a long bob, short bob, messy or sleek – it’s the ultimate boss look. Here’s 5 reasons why you should join our A-list celebs when it comes to the chop:

Easy to maintain

Bobs are a low maintenance style, having short hair means less styling which in turn means less heat and product damage resulting in thicker and healthier hair. A bob is also a great timesaver – gaining you valuable minutes especially when it comes to the morning rush. A bob offers you a quick wash-and-wear option and dries much quicker than longer hair.

Easy to style

From smooth and chic to tousled and edgy, there are endless ways to style your bob – and all take just a matter of minutes! For a tousled and voluminous look simply turn your head upside down and blast damp hair with a hairdryer for a couple of minutes until completely dry. For a sleeker look aim the barrel of the dryer down and brush your hair in the direction of the airflow.

Defines features such as jawline and cheekbones

The classic bob is a sophisticated look that works great with straight and wavy hair, no matter if it’s fine or thick. A good bob should be cut to suit your face type and compliment your features, drawings attention to your well-defined bone structure.

Suits all face shapes

When it comes to picking a bob, there is a style out there for everyone. Your face shape should be taken into consideration when deciding on a hairstyle. For rectangle faces consider choppy layers with a rounded fringe. For oval faces a blunt bob or lob (long bob) can be very flattering. Square faced people tend to benefit from side-parted styles with long and airy layers.


Bob haircuts are top of the hairstyle request list, and with good reason. They look great on straight or curly hair, easy to manage and ooze style and sophistication, which makes it a no brainer why they are set to be the biggest hair trend for 2020.

Let us help perfect your bob

Whatever style you decide on, do not attempt to create it at home, leave it to the professionals! Contact us today to book your appointment or full consultation. Why not pop in and discuss your bob options with one of our stylists, they would be happy to help!

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