Brave George’s hairdressing stylist Leanne Cunningham had all her stunning lock shaved off for her beautiful friend who has been diagnosed with terminal cancer at the age of 37. Leanne s friend is a mum of 5 and leanne wanted to make it possible for them to spend some special quality time together, on a traditional British holiday by the seaside.

On Friday 27th September…George’s hairdressing was a hive of colourful activity as all the staff donned Mad-Hatter tea party out fits, and baked cakes in order to raise money. A big thanks to Bal and her husband from Silk Powder make up artists who did Leanne’s make up on the day and also took these lovely pictures.

Staff and clients raised over £3000 for the family

Leanne also donated her glossy locks to the Little Princess Trust.
We Leanne


Leanne’s Preperation

Leanne Ready to chop her locks for charity, those plaits are ready for the Little Princess Trust.

Leanne’s amazing support crew

OMG!! Its started….. Ruby Lee Stylist in charge of the shave

No turning back now Leanne.

It’s done…….WOW Leanne you look amazing!!!
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